Friday, July 1, 2011

IGGY TV (07.01.11)


  1. We WUUUUUZZZZZZZ Iggy TV! Our Mumsy had to play it 5 times we ALL kept crowding around to watch! We gonna bees Iggy Biggest Fans! IBF! Hee-hee! That's great, we enjoyed it much :-)

  2. Iggy is soooo agile. I like him. He's just active like me. har har har *evil laughs* Brad

  3. Iggy is so handsome! I love watching boycats play...they're so graceful and so clumsy all at once. They're so different from girlcats.

  4. It was fun to watch Iggy in action. He's so athletic!

  5. I like the way he looked at the camera when you filmed him at his scratching post. It was like you were intruding on his private time :)

  6. Iggy, that was a great video of you! We're not sure we like the sound of your bell, though. Ha. BTW, Nicki "eats" cardboard too...We have no idea why your mom was telling you stop. LOL.

  7. I love Iggy TV!! I enjoyed watching it a lot. He is so playful and having a lot of fun!

  8. This made me smile! Thanks! Awesome. Iggy is a sweetie.

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